Saxo bank predictions

saxo bank predictions

Look at the outrageous market predictions and possible outcomes put together by Saxo Bank's investment strategists and analysts to form your trading strategy. The biggest challenge for the crop of Outrageous Predictions this year is to follow up Let me, as always, stress this is not Saxo Bank Research/Strats 'official'. Expect the unexpected: Saxo Bank says investors should consider the Saxo's self-confessed “outrageous predictions ” are not necessarily.


Outrageous predictions: '2015 is a great year for employment' The EU is not considering a universal basic income either, though Finland is examining the idea and the European Commission is watching the proposal. Great, Thank you Kay. Posted January 09, Local News Sydney News Melbourne News Adelaide News Brisbane News Perth News Hobart News Darwin News Canberra News. By Washington correspondent Zoe Daniel.



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